Exporting Research

Each database you visit will operate a bit differently in terms of saving your research so that you will not have to find it within the database again.

Email is perhaps the most effective method but will not work for all. Once you are in the record for the article you wish to save, you can email it to yourself by selecting "E-mail" in the tools menu.


Simply fill out the webform and the article will be delivered to your email. Two important things to note from this form are the checkbox for PDF as separate attachment. This will allow you to view the article as it appears in the database. The citation format will allow you to choose between several formats for your paper. Choose the appropriate format and the email will contain a works cited/bibliography entry that you can select and copy to your paper. You can choose between AMA, APA, Chicago/Turabian and MLA among others.

To get a good idea of what these citations will look like, simply select the "Cite" option in the tools menu and identify your chosen citation format.


It is a good idea to compare these citations to an official style guide assigned as a class text, in our Library collection or an online resource.

Sometimes, your instructor will want you to include a URL, or a webaddress, in any citation from an electronic source such as the internet or a database. In order to give your instructor the correct URL, you must copy the address from the permalink location.


The URL from the address bar will eventually time out and will not lead the the article any longer. The permalink will always lead back to the article.

You can also save research within the database by creating an account and adding articles to your folder in the tools menu using the "save" tool in the menu or even save the article directly to your external storage device, such as a USB key, thumbdrive or external harddrive, by opening the PDF and using the save feature on your PDF reader. Locate your device in the directory and save your research in your chosen folder.