Here is the interface for the eLibrary, an index of all the title records held at Bossier Parish Community College. This is the screen you will see when searching for books, movies and journals in the BPCC library collection from your home computer or one here on campus.


A title record refers to a title of a book, magazine, DVD, eBook or any other resource we have available. It is the basic point of access for a library resource. Each title record may contain anywhere from one to several hundred items or copies. These records only contain information about the titles in question. The record will give insight into what a title is about, how many items or copies are associated with the title and where to locate. The record does not contain the contents of the title but will give you as much information in regards to the topics a title covers at it can.

In order to assist you in your ability to find quality resources in the library, each record is broken into fields to make searching more accurate and to make discovering resources easier. To access these fields you can select the drop down menu next to the search box on both the BPCC Library Homepage and the eLibrary page.



Each of the selections searches a different field:

"words or phrase"





"periodical title"