Steps to Find, View, and Print EBooks

  1. On the Library's homepage, in the Online Catalog box, click on the EBooks Search link.Will open new browser window or tab Or click on the Online Catalog link.Will open new browser window or tab Then click on EBooks search on the white toolbar.
  2. Search for EBooks by title, by subject or leave the search field blank (click search button) to view all Electronic Books.
  3. Click on the title to view of the Item Details page.
  4. Click on the URL field to view the EBook.
    • When the window containing the EBook opens, click on the 'View this EBook" link.
    • To Print a Page, view a page and then print it using the print button the browser. You may highlight a section to print.
      You cannot print the entire EBook due to copyright restrictions.
    • Only one person can view an EBook simultaneously.
    • To view EBooks from off-campus, you will need to login.
      • Students-
        Username – CWID
        Password – 6 digit birth date
      • Faculty/Staff
        Username – CWID