The BPCC Library has two copiers, one on each floor. Copies are $0.10 a page and require the use of copy cards. Copy cards are available for purchase at a cost of $0.50 per card. Users may add additional money to their card.
Purchasing copies with cash is no longer available

To purchase a copy card*:

  1. Insert a one or five dollar bill into the money slot in the copy card machine.
  2. When the red “Dispense” button lit, press it to dispense the copy card.
  3. Insert the copy card into the “insert card” slot. The card will then move into and out of the machine several times. This step loads the account balance on to the card.
  4. Remove the copy card and make copies.

*The Copy Card Machine does not give change.

To make copies with a copy card:

  1. Insert the copy card into the copy card reader, beside the copier.
  2. The amount of money on the card will display.
  3. Set copying options.
  4. Press green print button.
  5. When finished, press orange CA button.

To load money to a copy card:

  1. Insert one or five dollar bills into the money slot.
  2. Insert a copy card into the “insert card” slot.
  3. Remove copy card.