Pasting MS Word into Blackboard

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Blackboard users have experienced multiple problems viewing text that has been pasted directly from a Word processor (such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, etc) into Blackboard. This practice has results ranging from text not viewable by students that do not have MS Word installed on their local computer to Universities reporting the corrupting of entire courses. The cause of this issue is the accompanying word processor formatting codes that is included when using the copy/paste feature. These codes MUST be removed prior to pasting into Blackboard.

BPCC strongly recommends that instructor DO NOT paste any word processor documents directly into Blackboard. Please use the following procedure.

  1. In the word processor, highlight the desired text and copy.
  2. Open Notepad (Start/All Programs/Accessories/Notepad) and paste your text into Notepad. This action will remove the formatting codes.
  3. In Notepad, highlight the entire text and copy.
  4. Go to the course content area in Blackboard and paste into the appropriate item.
  5. Format your text using Blackboard’s Text Box Editor functions.

    Text box editor tool bar
  6. Submit your document and check for unusual characters such as ?s. If one does appear, modify the item and correct the character. Again, submit the item and check your work.

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