Online Testing

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The following information is recommended to best assist you in administering a successful online test through our Blackboard system.

Students Online Testing:

Direct your student to visit Taking Tests Online located on the Division of Educational technology web page and on the Blackboard login page. This information addresses specific issues pertaining to students successfully completing an online test.

Protecting Your Test:

BPCC has made available a procedure to stop students from printing, copying, and pasting test questions while taking a test/quiz. This information is available within Blackboard under the Community Tab, in Blackboard Support. If you are a current BPCC faculty member but do not have available to you the Blackboard Support group under the Community tab, please email the Blackboard administrator at and request to be added to this group.

Test Protection

  1. Log into BPCC's Blackboard
  2. Go to the Community tab
  3. Select Blackboard Support
  4. Select Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  5. Select Disallow Printing and Copying/Pasting of the Test

Instructors Displaying Tests:

Because of recent changes made by Blackboard and by Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it is recommended that instructors display the question of a test using the “One at a Time” option in Test Options. Blackboard recommends that any assessment with more than 25 questions should present the questions “One at a Time”. Using this option automatically saves the answers to questions as Students move through the Assessment.

Using the Force Completion Test Option:

It is highly recommended that you DO NOT use the Force Completion option under Test Options. Many students have been locked out of a test because the Internet connection was interrupted during the test. This problem can occur both by problems with the company serving the students home Internet connection as well as a problem with BPCC’s connection. These problems are near impossible to identify and are beyond the control of the student taking the test. It is recommend that the instructor should time the test, resulting in the student not able to stop the test and resume later without going beyond the allowed time.

Tests and Pools:

Blackboard recommends removing any items NOT IN USE in Test Manager or Pool Manager. Many of you have 100+ items in these areas. Many of these are duplicate items. Blackboard is reporting many problem issues due to large amounts of Tests and Pools. This is a potential problem that may arise during a course copy or an upgrade to Blackboard. If this is a problem in your course, we can help you address this issue. Do not wait until the error arises. This error is extremely difficult to reverse.