Enroll User

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Instructors may enroll an existing Blackboard user into the course using this feature. In this example we will search for the user Train 2 (Trainer #2). We will search the last name of Train.

Search box

You can also search by Username (BPCC ID Number) and by email address. These options are very helpful if you are searching for common last names such as Smith.

Select the check box next to the names of the users to enroll and click Submit.

Enroll user check box

If more than 25 users are found during the search, multiple pages may be viewed. Instructors may only select and submit users from one page at a time. For example, if the search returns three pages of users, the Instructor must select the users to add on the first page and click Submit before continuing to the next page.

NOTE: The user you are looking for will not display on the search if:

  1. The user is already enrolled in your course
  2. If the user is new to BPCC and does not yet have a Blackboard account.

All users are enrolled with a Course role of Student by default. If you want to add a Teaching Assistant to your course, you will first enroll them as a Student and then go to List/Modify User in the Control panel and under properties, change their Role to a Teaching Assistant.

See also: Enrolling and Removing Students under Best Practices