MP3 Encoder Installation Instructions

The Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.netWill open new browser window or tab) recording/editing software is very easy to use and is free for our use. This software is used by several other colleges and universities. To submit an audio only file to our Blackboard Podcasting system, we strongly recommend using an MP3 format. To export a completed MP3 audio file from Audacity, you must install the free LAME MP3 encoding software. Because of software patents, the LAME MP3 encoding software cannot be distributed with Audacity. The following direction will assist you in installing this software.

Visit Audacity -FAQWill open new browser window or tabfor additional information.


  1. To obtain a copy of lame_enc.dll, please download it here. Do not open this file, but save it to your computer in you "My Documents" folder.
  2. Start Audacity and record audio.
  3. In Audacity, select File and select the "Export as MP3" command.
    Export as MP3
  4. Give your file a name and save it in your "My Documents" folder. Click "Save"
    Save in My Documents folder
  5. Audacity will ask you where the lame_enc file is saved.
    Locate dialog box
  6. Click "Yes" to go get the file.
  7. Browse to your "My Documents" area on your computer and retrieve the file lame_enc.
    Locate file
  8. Enter Title and Artist. Click OK.
    Enter information and click OK