Course Tools

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Course Tools are communication and collaboration tools that enhance interaction between users.

Announcements: Course specific announcements post timely information critical to course success. The Instructor can add, modify, and remove announcements from the Announcements page.

Course Calendar: Instructors can use the Calendar to indicate important course related events. The dates and events that appear on the Calendar are for all users in the course.

Staff Information: The Staff Information page allows Instructors to post information about themselves, Teaching Assistants, guest speakers, and other Course leaders.

Tasks: The Tasks page organizes projects or activities (referred to as tasks) by defining task priority and tracking task status.

Send Email: Instructors can send email to individuals who participate in the course from the Send Email page. Emails can be sent to individual users or to groups of users within the course.

Discussion Board: The Discussion Board is a communication medium for posting and responding to messages. Conversations are grouped as threads that contain a main posting and all related replies.

Also see: Forum Options

Also see: Grading Discussion Board Participation

Collaboration: Collaboration Tools allow users and Instructors to engage in synchronous communication.

Glossary Manager: Each course has its own Glossary of terms. Each entry consists of the term and an accompanying definition.

Messages: The Messages feature gives each course a private and secure system for communication that functions similar to email. Keep in mind that Messages cannot be sent or received outside of the users in the course.

Manage Podcast: Manage podcast feeds settings.

SafeAssign: View papers that students have submitted and the associated SafeAssign Originality Reports following these steps:

Link Checker: This tool verifies that the links within course are valid.