Course Options

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Use the Course Options area to manage the availability and accessibility of a course as well as manage the appearance of course features. Course Options also includes tools to archive or recycle the course, and import content.

Manage Course Menu: Add and modify course areas from the Manage Course Menu page.

Course Design: Instructors manage the appearance of the Course Menu from the Course Design page. They can choose to use buttons or text links and select colors and design features.

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Manage Tools: Instructors can control the availability of Tools through Manage Tools Instructors can enable tools for use during a course and also decide which tools Guests may access.

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Settings: Course Settings, such as availability, access and enrollment are also managed on the Course Options area of the Control Panel.

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Recycle Course: Recycle a course by selecting areas to keep and areas to remove.

Course Copy: Copy courses taught by the same Instructor.

Import Package: Add a package containing an exported course the current course.

Export Course: Create course packages through Export and Archive features. This includes course content ONLY.

Archive Course: Create course packages through Archive features. This includes all users, assignments, and grades.