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Announcements post timely information critical to course success. The Instructor can add, modify, and remove announcements from the Announcements page. When adding an Announcement, Instructors can also send the Announcement as an email to Students in the course. This ensures that Students receive the announcement even if they do not login to the course.

Hint: The student’s view (default) of the announcements is set to view ONLY the last 7 days. Do not post an announcement more than 7 days prior to the event.

1 Announcement Information

Subject: Enter a subject for the announcement. This will appear as the title of the announcement.

Message: Enter the announcement by either typing directly into the field or copy and paste text from another word processing document.

Hint: Keep the announcement short and straight to the point!

2 Options

Permanent Announcement: Select Yes to create a permanent Announcement. This Announcement is automatically displayed after the time and date it is created. There is no end date for this Announcement, unless the Display Until option is selected.

Hint: Always select NO for Permanent Announcement.

Choose date restrictions: Use these options to display an Announcement for a specific period of time. Select the date the Announcement begins in Display After and the date the Announcement ends in Display Until.

Hint: Do not post an announcement more than 7 days prior to the event.

3 Course Link

Link Location: Click Browse to locate content in the course to link to the Announcement. If the link points to a content item that is not available the link will not appear in the Announcement until the content is available.

4 Email Announcement

Email Announcement: Select this option to send an email to all Course users with the contents of the Announcements. This will ensure that all users are aware of the Announcement even if they do not login to the Course.