Add Course Link

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Course Link

Course Links are used to link to other items within a course. All items that appear in the Course Map may be linked to using a Course Link. For example, an Instructor may have a lesson activity under Assignments and wants to refer the students back to the Course Calendar located in the Course Information folder. The instructor can add a Course Link in the Assignment area that would take the student directly to Course Calendar under Course Information.

Note: A Course Link may be viewed as long as it is available to the students in the course. The Course link may be opened if the student has access to the item based on the item’s availability. For example, if a student does not have access to the item, a message appears when the link is selected.

1 Course Link Information

Name: Enter the name of the course link. This will be visible to the student as the link.

Text: Enter a destination description of the course link you are linking to.

Text box for course link description

2 Course Link

  1. Click Browse to open the Course Map.

    Browse button to search for course link location

  2. Click the link for an item in the Course Map to select it as the Course Link.

    Course map


3 Options

Make the content available: Select Yes to make this Course Link available to students.

Track number of views: Select Yes if you want to track students that have visited this Course Link. To view these Statistics, next to the Course Link, click on Manage and then Statistics Tracking.

Recommendation: Select No because you are linking to another item in Blackboard. General practice would be to not track the statistics but rather turn on this option at the item you are linking to.

Choose date and time restrictions: The date the Course Link will be available can be selected here.

Recommendation: Because you are linking to another item in Blackboard, general practices would be to not restrict access to this link.