Helpful Hints

Starting from

Menu on the left:

Academic Affairs – Academic Advising Center (F 250) – please call or come by to set up an appointment for advising.

Departments and Divisions – Information about particular programs.

Education Technology – learn about the qualities of a successful online learner.

Drop-down menu at the top:

Future Students -

Catalog – course descriptions at the end (also check for prerequisites)

Programs of Study – Student checklists for the various degrees

Schedule of Classes – listings by sessions and internet

Placement Testing – list of dates

BPCC Students –

Academic Calendars

myBPCC – (myBPCC Orientation)

LOLA - Enter Student Services, Course Sections, Course Catalog

Schedule of Classes – listings by sessions and internet

Academic Divisions – Information about particular programs

Under Student Services you can

Change personal information

Change your major

Identify your academic advisor

Review Financial Aid

Drop/Add classes

View your schedule

Steps in your registration process

  1. Call or email your faculty advisor to schedule an appointment.
  2. Look over your Student Copy of the courses you need for graduation.
  3. Check LOLA for course prerequisites, availability and schedules
  4. Make up your own trial schedule
  5. Meet with your advisor to discuss your courses and set goals for future semesters
  6. Enter your courses (with your advisor’s help or the help of the division’s secretary when needed)
  7. Make payment arrangements or check with Financial Aid and Business Office
  8. Adjust your schedule (add/drop) only as necessary

Career Assessments

SIGI3 – open myBPCC – go to the Community Tab – click on “Go to SIGI3 Assessment”

Also – go to the Academic Advising Center from our school home page – point to “links” – click on Career Development

Or – google “free career assessment tests”